Identify & match images, intelligently.

Powered by machine learning technology, Idem is an intelligent tool that rapidly scans the web and finds uses of your original copyrighted images and videos, even matching doctored or edited versions.

Our technology makes us unique. Unlike other machine learning tools available on the market, ours will reliably identify and match use of your content with as little as 20% of the original present.

Easily handles image and video encodings

Finds transformations, such as cropping, homography, rotations & scaling

Resilient against heavy modifications, such as collaging, annotations and watermarking

Can be trained to find and identify specific objects within images and videos, such as people, places and even logos.

Looking for a solution in light of the EU’s Article 17?

Idem17™ is a rapid API that quickly scans images and visual content,
enabling rights holders to better protect digital content.


Get the intelligence you need, without breaking the bank

Brilliantly fast

Highly precise matching takes hundreds of milliseconds for a pool of one million images.


We can run millions of images per day, ensuring no bottlenecks as your content grows.


On premise equals no bandwidth fees and 10x less costs than other cloud-based offerings.

How it works


Search millions of assets
Crawl digital and social channels
Upload images/videos or provide URLs

How it works


Superfast unique algorithm
Precise machine learning technology
Continually learns to make better match

How it works


Understand the value of content
Use findings to recover lost revenue
Automate takedowns and issue notices

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We’re idem

Taking our name from the Latin for ‘the same’, our intelligent tool rapidly scans the web and finds uses of your images and videos, identifying any that are the same as yours. You can then make informed decisions about the value of your assets, even automating ways to recover lost revenues and issue takedown notices if you decide to do so.

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